The most popular sports in 2021

It is often said that sport brings people together. Everyone has at least one sport they love above all others. With the arrival of the coronavirus disease, sports have experienced turbulence, but some have held up well. Here we take you on a tour of the most popular sports in 2021.


The number one sport since time immemorial, football still maintains its place with over 3.5 billion fans to date. It is a sport played between two different teams consisting of eleven players each. It is played on a rectangular field and the aim of the game is to score goals in the opponent's net. The team with the most goals is the one that wins the game at the end of the 90 minutes. There may be a few minutes of extra time if both teams are tied. There may also be a penalty shootout if after overtime the score remains the same.


An equally popular sport, basketball continues to go strong despite the pandemic. It continues to attract 2.2 billion fans around the world to this day. It is played between two teams of five players each. Each team must try to score points in a hoop three metres above the ground to win. It is a sport that used to be played in the USA, but has found its way into many countries around the world.


Tennis is also played by many people around the world. It is a racket sport played between two players from different teams or between 4 players from two different teams. The players use a racket and a rubber tennis ball that is thrown over the opponent's net.  The ball can also be thrown around the opponent's net. The sport is played by more than one billion fans every year.